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How to Flash Rom
Using Sky Offline Flash Tool

You’ve run any previous Offline Update tool of others or their own in v1.2
or less, please run before FixServer.exe file!
Download and unzip tool
Copy the downloaded ROM BINX on Sky Flash Tool 2014 unzipped
Turn off the phone, press the 3 key (Power + Volume Up + Volume Down) to enter the mode selection screen.
Use the Volume Down key to scroll to the “PLD DOWNLOAD” and then press the Power to select the item.
Your phone will switch to S / W Upgrading. Now, connect your phone to the computer using MicroUSB cable.
Note: When the phone plugged into the computer in the computer Device Manager to make the device as follows:
(If not you check out the driver like me)
Conduct + RunSky_Flash_Tool_2014.exe appear blue window,
(remember to do this thing off during flash offline!)
Plus Link to download the latest driver for drivers who do not identify with the tool is Sky Flash Tool
Windows update web interface of the sky will be displayed:
Plus Click the button Upgrade S / W and wait for the results offline!
+After finishing flash back door blue book click on it and press any key to self-cleaning program for your trash after flash.

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1-First, you need to download and install Sky Offline Flash Tool

2-Download and install USB drivers

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