S12 Spark Calme flash file | firmware

S12 Spark Calme flash file | firmware


Calme S12 firmware

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how to flash

01-This backup is taken by CM2. Open the CM2SPD Tool.
02-Select CPU Boot Which supports you mobile phone.
03-Click flash button and Select Pac option.
04-Browse file which’s name is (SC77xx_FLASH_CONF.pac)
05-Now click flash button
06-Plug-in the USB cable to phone to connect it to your PC.
07-The process will be started,
08-Wait for a few minutes“Ok”Notification will be appeared On your Cm2 Tool.
Now enjoy

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1-First, you need to download and install Infinity Chinese Miracle-2

2-Download and install InfinityBox_update_CM2SPD_Drivers

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